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Chilling with Pr Rémy Sadoul in Alpe d'Huez after teaching Grenoble Alpes University Master students about brain plasticity and repair !

Thank you Rémy for inviting us to your magical place once again !



Fabian Voigt from Harvard Univ visits us and talks about the mesoSPIM project. MesoSPIM is an open-source light-sheet microscope ( optimized for fast imaging of large cleared tissue samples.

Fantastic talk and amazing images !

fabian Voigt.jpeg

JUNE 2023

Hajar Mousavi, PhD candidate in the Bioelectronics Lab of Ecole des Mines in Gardanne, presents her wonderful thesis work about Organic bioelectronic implants.

A huge amount of work, very interesting results and a large area covered, we wish you all the best for your thesis defense Hajar !

2023-06 NTC Hajar.jpg

JUNE 2023

Wonderful Neurotech talk by Dr Gael Barthet from the Wyss Center, Geneva.

3D imaging of human and animal nervous systems sure is a delight for the eyes 😍

2023-06 NTC Barthet2.jpg

MAY 2023

Maxime and Max attend NeuroFrance 2023 Meeting in beautiful Lyon, France.

Maxime presents a poster a new brain-on-a-chip device to study axonal plasticity and circuit remodeling.

NeuroFrance Lyon 2023.jpg

APRIL 2023

Great news! 🥳 🎉

We receive support from INT's Investment Fund to develop our brain-on-a-chip platform at the Neurotech Center !

Logo INT.png

MARCH 2023

Another great Neurotech seminar about stem cells and microfluidics.

Ivan Fernandez-Bessone from INP shared his very first results with us, demonstrating the potential of organ-on-a-chip platforms to study intracellular defects in neurodegenerative diseases. 

2023-03 NTC Fernandez.jpg


Following up on last month seminar, Ivo Vanzetta presents Dual-polarity voltage imaging.

More details can be found here:

And as usual, discussions continue around pizzas!

2023-02 NTC Vanzetta.jpg


The Neurotech&Pizza seminars are back in 2023!

Alberto Lombardini brilliantly introduced us to JEDI-2P, a faster, brighter and more sensitive sensor for brain electrical activity

Great paper can be found here:

2023-01 NTC Lombardini-2.jpg


Great news! 🥳

Our RAIL project in collaboration with Elodie Fino's lab at INMED is funded by the AMIDEX foundation !

In this project we will test our RAIL technology in live mice. Main objective : to demonstrate that RAIL tools can be transferred in vivo to rewire basal ganglia circuits.



New methods to accelerate 3D fluorescence imaging by Loic Le Goff from Institut Fresnel (Mosaic team, Aix Marseille Univ).

Intense discussion, new collaborations, and the promise to meet again soon...

Total success!



Great news! 🥳 🎉

We receive support from Institut Carnot STAR to develop quantitative phase microscopy on microfluidic chips in collaboration with the lab of Guillaume Baffou at Institut Fresnel !



Max presents the Neurotech Center at the 9-12 Recherche-Industrie Meeting.

Neurotech Centers are flourishing all around the world. Now Aix Marseille University has its own at INT! 

Thank you Carnot Star for organizing this great event !



Day 1 : Teaching Master students about brain plasticity and repair at Grenoble Alpes University

Day 2 : Climbing the marvelous mountains of Alpe d'Huez !

Thank you Pr Rémy Sadoul for this wonderful experience



Inspiring #neurotech story by Frederic Ambroggi from Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives (LNC, Aix Marseille Univ).

What do we need as Integrative Neuroscientists?

Record. Manipulate. Small. Wireless.

2022-10 NTC Ambroggi.jpg


Wonderful talks at the Neurotech session of INT 10 Years Anniversary Symposium #XINT !!

Many thanks to our great speakers Tim Harris (HHMI Janelia Farm), Diego Ghezzi (EPFL) and Francesca Santoro (Aachen Univ) for presenting their cool toys and sharing their latest projects with us!

2022-09 XINT-Neurotech 3.jpg

JULY 2022

Excited to present our new workspace !

You can now find us at Aile Verte, 3rd floor, on La Timone medical campus 


JUNE 2022

This month at the Neurotech/Pizza seminar, we learned about brain-on-chips and mmultiplexed microfluidic systems with the talented engineer and PhD candidate Maxime Poinsot (INT, Aix Marseille Univ)   🧠 🔬⚙️

2022-06 NTC Poinsot.jpg

MAY 2022

Another great neurotech seminar by Maya Williams (INT, Aix Marseille Univ) about calcium recordings using fiber photometry in freely moving rats ⚡️ 🧠 🐀

2022-05 NTC Williams 3.jpg

APRIL 2022

Neurotech seminars go next level with free food and drinks!

Nicolas Wanaverbecq (INT, Aix Marseille Univ) and David Moreau (Mines St Etienne) talk about flexible, implantable electro-optical devices for spinal cord recordings.

Rocket science as usual 🚀


APRIL 2022

Nobel Prize winner Ardem Patapoutian explaining the sense of touch in the beautiful Palais du Pharo in Marseille.

During his lecture, Pr Patapoutian invited Dr Bertand Coste (LNC, Aix Marseille Univ) to come to the stage to offer him one replica of his Nobel Prize medal. A very inspirational moment!


MARCH 2022

How to combine science, fun and beauty in one piece of work ?

Another great collaboration with Benoit Charlot (IES, Univ Montpellier) to induce waves of electrical activity in neuronal cultures.


MARCH 2022

Construction is looking good !

The new space for the NeuroTech Center is almost ready... Can't wait to move in for another great adventure with SONIC, NeuroBioTools and Rod's new NET team !!

Moving planned for July... Tic-Tac Tic-Tac



"The Art of Science" exhibition at Galerie Le Pangolin on the beautiful Corniche of Marseille ended with a debate about the Artistic approach of Science.

Thank you NeuroMarseille for this great and successful adventure. Hope to see you next year for the second edition !

More details 👉 here 👈



Max talks about the RAIL Project at the 11th Neurobinar edition of NeuroMarseille.

Watch the full video on Youtube 👉 here 👈



Great news!! 🥳 🥳

Maxime is awarded an ANRT CIFRE contract! He will start his PhD in the lab in collaboration with Fluigent.

Fluigent is a company specializing in the development and production of advanced microfluidic systems, with applications in various domains including cell biology, cancer research, particle studies, cell sorting, etc.. We are very happy to contribute to the development of a smart microfluidic system to model brain networks on a chip.



INT lab retreat at Carry-le-Rouet

Great science x (great people)² = Great times!

More photos 👉  here  👈



When Sciences meet Arts...

Our "Synaptic Constellation" picture is awarded at the Science & Art photo contest from Neuroschool Marseille 🎉🎉


Confocal microscopy showing reconstructed synapses in a brain-on-a-chip device. Brain on a chip systems allow to reconstruct neuronal networks in a near-physiological environment using microfluidic compartmentalization of primary neuronal cultures. Here, synaptophysin (presynaptic marker,  magenta) juxtaposes to PSD95 (postsynaptic marker, cyan) in an isolated microfluidic chambers enriched in synapses.


JULY 2021

Enjoying Thai food at l'Indécis before we all leave the lab for a well deserved summer break !

Aloha ! 🏖🏝⛱🏄‍♂️


JULY 2021

It is our great pleasure to welcome Christoph Kellendonk from Columbia Univ, NY. Christoph will present his latest results on the role of thalamo-cortical projections in cognition and in schizophrenia.

Always nice to chat about science and life with you!  


JULY 2021

Killing two birds with one stone: having lunch with the NeuroTech Center and surprising Rod with an impromptu BDay celebration !

Happy Birthday Rod 🎉🎉


JULY 2021

Davide Reato from Champalimaud Institute, Lisbon visits the NeuroTech Center. Davide will present his work on   the role of cortical state in modulating perceptual decision making.


JUNE 2021

Pool party at Eduardo's place to celebrate summer solstice!

More to see 👉  here  👈

Cheers 🥂


JUNE 2021

Benoit Charlot (IES, Montpellier) visits us at the NeuroTech Center.

As always Benoit amazed us with his crazy biotech approaches to explore cell functions!

Benoit INT.jpg


Despite appearances, this is not a Masquerade Ball, but SONIC team's first Xmas party! (COVID-approved)

From Left to right: Max, Cynthia, Natalia, Eduardo, Elodie, Ana, Catherine, and Florence

2020 SONIC Christmas Party.png


Champagne !!

We are happy to announce our fusion with Eduardo Gascon's team at the INT!

The fusion will lead to the creation of a new team entitled Social cogNItion and Connectomics (SoniC) where we will study and manipulate the neural circuits controlling social behaviors.

The synergy of the new team will allow to develop a multidisciplinary approach, using transcriptomics analyses, live cell imaging, virus-based connectomics, optogenetics, and behavioral phenotyping in mice and marmosets.


JULY 2020

After 5 years in Grenoble, we are officially moving to Marseille! Many thanks to all my collaborators at the GIN for the good moments and great work!

Excited for the future, and to move to the Neurotech Center of La Timone Medical campus. Welcoming postdocs, techs, and students  to study how adult brain circuits rewire during learning or when confronted to environmental changes.

Goodbye snowy mountains, hello turquoise sea !

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